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Everything except the wrapper and the box is edible. That means, what you see, you can eat!
Let's not argue about colors. I happen to like the dusty orchid color scheme happening here. It's the FABERGÉ attention-to-detail design that is giving me life and a healthy appetite for cake and sugar! I see ruffles, bows, fowers, quilded fondant, pearls, beads and jewels. All of which would look gorgeous on a French-themed wedding sweet table. Speaking of which, are you going to be doing a sweet table at your wedding? I've got some ideas on how you can make it the best sweet table ever. I'd love to share.
wow~ These r an art.
@jyann70 you're so right. I should have titled this "edible art"
I'd be devastated after eating such beautiful creations. OMG! <3
wow. l want it