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He said he'd be back, and here he is. If this becomes a yearly thing I will be STOKED. Basically, Arnold wants you to donate to help fun after school programs, and to raise awareness and money, he has made a habit of making big, destructive videos.
This year: donate for a chance to blow things up with Arnold!
Last year, he offered the chance to crush things with a tank with him, and super fan Alex was the one who went there to do it. Here's the result, and I'm jealous. I want to blow shit up with Arnold.
He also got on reddit this time to answer some questions from people to keep the hype going. My favorite Q/A: "Q: Is Eric Stonestreet really one of your neighbors?" "A: No, but he is a friend, and he was up there to check out my tank. So I said, hey! Let's have some more fun. There are a few very funny takes of that back and forth. He is hilarious."
I'm just going to go donate all my money now. Why don't you, too?
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And suddenly I have the urge to blow things up....did he seriously shoot a bazooka?!
@drwhat That's too bad lol but I guess expected
@hikaymm nah sadly he mentioned in reddit it was just movie magic
This isn't really my style, but this is HILARIOUS. Definitely a great way to get a different demographic to donate to a good cause!