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Four charities, all of which were created and controlled by the same network of family & people and led by James Reynolds Sr., have closed down due to "increasing pressure from government regulation." In other words, they got caught for the fraud they have been committing.

The Charities (websites linked, but they are all offline):

This isn't the first time that charities like these have faced scrutiny. Take this investigation in 2013. TL;DR: Each family member involved in the organizations had upwards of 6-figure salaries. They asked businesses to donate surplus items and gave them to cancer patients. At the time of the article they had only donated $900k to cancer patients. The medicine they gave for "critical treatment" was no stronger than over-the-counter ibuprofen.
So why were they allowed to operate for that long? Because about 3% was going to cancer related causes. And 3% is the minimum required by the US federal government to maintain non-profit status. Yes, it's that low.
Bottom line: don't just give money to any charity. Research and make sure you're actually going to make a difference with your funds. Better yet, help someone directly. To research charities, check out this tool.
Bonus: For those who are even more curious, check out this at full size to see just how much this family's network makes up these organizations.
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@drwhat True, but it's good to see that it's public knowledge now. Hopefully, people listen and are more careful in the future.
...and no one was THAT surprised. this news has been circulating for years, its just finally being acted upon