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Call me a total sap, but I love seeing couples get engaged at conventions. Why? Because they're clearly enjoying a hobby they both love together, and that's an awesome start to a life together!
It's even better if they're in cosplay, or if their characters would totally get engaged, too!!
So here's just a few cute cosplay proposals I found :) If I can find any more I'll share them later!!
Sarah loves cosplaying Serenity from Sailor Moon, and her boyfriend was hurrying to finish the cosplay of Serenity's longtime live, Prince Endymion of the Earth Kingdom, before a photo shoot together. At the photoshoot, he surprised her by proposing!!
Epic and Zack, aka Astrid and Hiccup, get engaged!!! Ahhhh she's so embarrassed and he's so confidently cute!
In Cosplay at Acen: cosplaying Mirai and Akihito from Beyond the Boundary
A surprise GI Joe Cosplay Marriage Proposal....what more could you ask for?! This series usually follows around cosplayers just getting their inside scoop, but this time they followed a love story :)
Camera work is a little shaky, but watch Hungary propose to England!! They're so happy :)
haha thanks guys! @somnia @hikaymm I will tell her! she was excited when I sent her this post. btw @hikaymm its me whitney from yonsei! haha :D
@hikaymm Same to you!! :)
@whissy44 Oh my god, hahah, hey!!! Now That I'm looking at your pic it does look familiar :) Hope all is going well!!
@whissy44 OMG small world!!!! Tell her she's amazing, and that proposal was ammaaazinggg!
@whissy44 oh my god lol tell her congrats!!!!
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