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A lot has changed in the past few years. Hell, a lot has changed in the past few months. I love seeing artists change their styles or "mature" as they like to call it, and these 7 artists are some of the most important pop icons of our time and have changed a lot since their debuts.

How sounded better in the past and who made a change for the better?

Britney Spears

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...Baby One More Time
This was the song that undeniably started it all. This was when the true return of pop happened. I will fully stand by my claim that this album changed the world, for the better. Britney was an incredible performer from day one and the world of pop would have been a boring colorless place without her.
Pretty Girls
Still classic pop with dance breaks and a confident attitude. Definitely not the iconic piece that 'Baby One More Time' was, but it does its job. I was expecting a lot more from this track but at least it isn't horrible.

Taylor Swift

Tim McGraw
To be honest I didn't know this song existed before this very second. I think 'Our Song' was the first song I heard by her. This is so country! But I guess that makes sense since she moved to Tennessee at the age of 14 to become a country singer.
Bad Blood
This is probably the biggest transformation I can think of for a pop star, especially this Kendrick Lamar remix. She definitely doesn't sound like a girl who curls up in an open field listening to Tim McGraw...

Katy Perry

I Kissed a Girl
I remember when this song came out (on myspace) and it was such a big deal. It's one of those songs that you can't help but singalong to. Also, this is the song that got her on Warped Tour which still blows my mind. She was so not the type of performer to be on Warped at the time and she nailed it.
This is How We Do
I love me some Katy Perry, but this song is crap. Such a waste of her talent and honestly disrespectful to people who are genuinely her fans. There is such a thing as just a catchy track, but this has nothing going for it.

Lady Gaga

Just Dance
I remember overhearing this when I was shopping (before Shazam existed) so I memorized a few of the lyrics so I could Google them later. This will forever be my pump up song. The beat is addictive and her voice is so strong! Such a perfect debut track.
Recent Work With Tony Bennett
Lady Gaga is returning to her first love: musical theatre. She's completely reinventing herself and going back to the voice that she loved using, her projecting, loud, clear voice that was meant to fill up theatres and ballrooms. She toured extensively with Tony Bennett and is rumored to be working on a new album.

Justin Bieber

One Time
The fact that he gets phone calls from Usher and then throws a house party seconds later is probably the main reason that I fell in love with him at a young age. This is still one of the cutest pop songs in existence and his little high notes kill me every time. I don't even know if he can do this live anymore. Plus this was the birth of the ever-important Bieber hair.
Where Are Ü Now
Justin was originally writing this for piano but Skrillex and Diplo thought it would be better with their magic behind it. I can imagine it being an incredible piano track so I hope that that gets released eventually. As for this version, I am so in love with it. Like, SO in love with it.

One Direction

What Makes You Beautiful
Ah, the dark days. Before their managers figured out what to do with their hair and teeth (thank you God for giving Niall braces) This video is deliciously boy-bandy and the song itself is so catchy that all I need is to hear the first cowbell and it will be stuck in my head all week.
Night Changes
The amount of times I have watched this music video is embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as how many times I would rewind the Harry part to watch just that section. The fact that they can do a slower song and still be so perfectly pop proves that 1D is actually the rebirth of all of our 90s boy bands. Just don't mention Zayn.

Ariana Grande

Put Your Hearts Up
This sounds like a Coca Cola it? Either way, I love it! It's such a classic uplifting pop song that you just want to sing along to. Plus her voice is still awesome.
One Last Time
I could right a book on how much I love Ariana Grande. Her range is amazing and the songwriters she works with are magicians. Everything she touches is gold, literally gold (well, maybe platinum...)
I love listening to these! It's amazing to see how artists change... and also how talent and skill stay the same!
I agree with @galinda. She's WAY different now, but I love love love her new sound.
Taylor Swift has changed SO MUCH from her old country albums!