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This week was like a SHINee/BTS/Taeyang attack on our community. We survived, but barely, as usual.

SHINee's New MV

What the hell happened in this music video? You thoughts? @PassTheSuga and @kimikodragon have some interesting ideas...

Matt Really Likes Kpop Rappers LOL

I couldn't even fit his whole list in my screenshot!!!! Basically, @KpopJunkiesTV asked us who our favorite kpop rapper is and the community sort of exploded. Leave you opinion in the comments too!

What SHINee Concept Are You?

Are you more RingDingDong or Dream Girl? Replay or Sherlock? Find out here! We're onto you @jiggzy19...

It's Always a Good Day for a Taeyang Playlist

For Taeyang's birthday our community got a little into it...complete with a Taeyang playlist! Listen to the whole list here and leave him a little love~

We're Here to Cheer You Up

Just in case you needed a mood-boost, our community has a cute little 'Cheer Up' playlist especially for you! The songs are all perfect for making you want to dance like a maniac no matter what mood you're in! Thanks @jiggzy19~ Check it out here!
I make no apology for my love of K-Pop Rappers and rapping XD
Vingle comments are daebak! Haha XD