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Why did they shelve this idea?! I came across these examples of concept art for a potential Disney short and got so excited thinking it was a leak of what's to come, but it turns out that instead, these are from a short that has been put on hold :(
Boo, because it looks so awesome! Who doesn't want to see all the strong princesses together?! I see Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow, Alice and more!
Here's the story. Apparently, in 2009, director Olivier Ciappa and illustrator David Kawena worked together with composer Alan Menken on a short for Disney/Pixar called "Princess Academy." They wanted to do something hand drawn, which is an art that has been getting less and less attention as digital animation becomes the norm.
Well, even if Disney never picks this up again (which seems unlikely since these are being released, unless this is a test to see if anyone wants it....), I still think it's beautiful!
The goal of the project, according to David:
"Even though it is only a storyboard frame, it was my goal to try and keep the characters on model and as recognizable as possible out of respect to their original designers and animators."
Flip through some of the beautiful drawings, and pray, pray, pray that we might see the Princess Academy someday :)
I WANT IT!! I love fairy tales!! I wanna! be a pwintheth
Man, Ih ope they still do something with this!!! Even if they just make a very short (like 1-3 minutes) opening with it or something!