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This is something I would have never, ever imagined, or noticed on my own, so all credit for these marvelous finds goes to Engadget.
That being said, holy crap Kanye West seriously has dressed like one of our fine, fashionable Final Fantasy characters so many times.
Kanye West as Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI
Kanye West as Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII
Kanye West as a member of the Yuke tribe, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kanye West as Seifer Almasy, Final Fantasy VIII
Kanye West as Layle, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kanye West as a Bard, Final Fantasy Tactics
Kanye West as Umaro, Final Fantasy VI
OKAY, so it's really not a perfect match, but it's still pretty funny considering Kayne West has his own video game, and maybe, well, just maybe he did this all intentionally. You're welcome?
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@timeturnerjones, I think you're right. Making a gunblade does seem pretty daunting... But if I get time I think I might try it. Gunblade first, costume later, hahaha. The other choice I had was maybe like a post-apocalyptic raider, you know, inspired by Fallout and Mad Max. All I have to do for that one is rip some clothes and roll around in dirt for a bit, haha
@timeturnerjones Oh god I forgot to say that's awesome about the Crescent Wish! Do you still have it?
@paulisaverage I'm pretty sure it's somewhere under my bed at my parents house if it has survived all my mom's cleaning efforts. The last time I moved some stuff got left behind, haha!! And yeah honestly when you're putting together a costume where the weapon is so crucial I always go weapon first, so I can't get lazy about it later. A post-apocalyptic raider would be so popular at events and such, too, especially with all the games and movies geared at that genre. I noticed a lot of Steampunk gurus are moving that way now instead.
kanye being kanye
@AliMJ Guess he never really changes, haha.