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This is something I would have never, ever imagined, or noticed on my own, so all credit for these marvelous finds goes to Engadget.
That being said, holy crap Kanye West seriously has dressed like one of our fine, fashionable Final Fantasy characters so many times.
Kanye West as Setzer Gabbiani, Final Fantasy VI
Kanye West as Sazh Katzroy, Final Fantasy XIII
Kanye West as a member of the Yuke tribe, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kanye West as Seifer Almasy, Final Fantasy VIII
Kanye West as Layle, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Kanye West as a Bard, Final Fantasy Tactics
Kanye West as Umaro, Final Fantasy VI
OKAY, so it's really not a perfect match, but it's still pretty funny considering Kayne West has his own video game, and maybe, well, just maybe he did this all intentionally. You're welcome?
@paulisaverage Squall!! He is pretty charming, but I would worry more about making a gunblade for that one, hahaha. With male leads in FF I feel like it's all about getting the right weaponry. I tried to cosplay Selphie quite a few years ago and thankfully no pictures of that horrible, horrible occasion have survived. Let's just say I should have bought the costume instead of trying to sew it....I did make pretty awesome Crescent Wish nunchuaku to go with it, though.
@timeturnerjones I've been wanting to get into cosplay so bad but I don't know who or what I'd dress up as!! But... With all Final Fantasy on the brain, I should probably try Squall from FF8 but I don't know if I could match his boyish charm, hahahaha
@paulisaverage Hey, you could probably do it!!! I used to think there's no way I could get the really cool items that would be able to make crazy outfits like these, but realistically if you just get one or two of them or get like knockoff versions it's kind of possible, mayyyybe. Just don't do the Umaro one. Please. It's so bad.
@AliMJ Guess he never really changes, haha.
kanye being kanye
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