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Q: There is this guy, who's pretty well known by people around because of his job. I, too, have heard of him, but we haven't officially met. He has a lot of women who approach him because of his job. He has said that he is put off that women know more about him than he does about them.
The problem is that I want to compliment his work but show him that I am not just talking to him because he has a great job. I have seen how funny, sweet, and deep he is. I would feel really stupid if I acted like I didn’t know who he was. How can I compliment his work, which I do admire, without implying that it is only because he has a good job that I am talking to him? Help!!! Or am I totally in the wrong here?

A: Leave your advice in the comments for this anon!! :)

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@onesmile Really? I would say just go for it up front! There's no reason to pretend you're not interested, in my opinion. Just because other people are doesn't mean you shouldn't be.
@ChristinaBryce I mean, there's not reason to not be cautious, though, or else he might misunderstand!
Sorry for the lateness! Look, I don't think you're totally in the wrong here, but I do think you need to consider this: are you really so different form everyone else crushing on him? You of course feel like you are, but they might be more genuine in their feelings that you realize, too. So, I would suggest just hanging out with him, and complimenting him just like you would any friend you admire. And then see where it goes!!