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Q: So there's this girl. I think we both like each other (I won't go into why I think that, but I do). I want to ask her out. But I get unbearably nervous every time I even think about doing this--not because I think she'll say no, I just get red and sweaty and it's embarrassing. So I want to just give her a note like this one I linked you (see the pic above! ~Christina). I think it's simple, direct and gives her a chance to easily and quickly respond without having to feel bad about it. Is this too much of a cop out? Please let me know if you'd be mad to get something like this. Thanks.
A: Leave your advice for this shy guy in the comments!
Personally, I think it's ok, especially if you know her personality is one that would find this kind of endearing or understand about your shyness!!!
@onesmile Let me message them now :)
It's cute, do it!! How did it go?! It's been a few weeks @ChristinaBryce did they update you?
I think you should just ask her out loud and directly! she'll feel more appreciated, I think
Personally, I'd feel too bad to give it back so I would accept not matter what....make sure she knows she can really make either choice $