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Instead of just working on my new hobby (art journaling, learn about it here!!), I decided to get online and search up some other journal art work.
Which led me to the freaking beautiful artwork of Gabriel Picolo, which led me to feeling really, really bad about how (un)artistic I am. For real!!! Not only that, but he's going on his second year of creating these beautiful works in his journals!!
In 2014, he drew a black and white drawing every day to show himself that he could be creative everyday. Now, in 2015, he has challenged himself again. This time, to draw in color! He works in mixed medium, drawing in the journals and then coloring them both on the page and digitally. He draws a lot of inspiration from anime and popular movies, too!
These are just a few samples of the beautiful, beautiful things he creates!!
Looks like it's time for me to really commit to practicing if I want to get better, no?
Follow his future progress on deviantart; I know I will be!
@sherrysahar I just wish I was this talented!!!
these are all just amazingg i love every since even more <3 some great artwork :)