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Live recap ENDED. Can't believe there are only 6 more episodes to go! ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- It was revealed that the USA will be the first opponent. JH and HA look shocked. Back to the the peace forum. BG's secretary is looking at the ball which is the same as the one JH took out from the lottery. He took the sticker off and it was USA. He looks at BG and both snickered. BG called KT. Basically the same convo as last time. BG said he wonders if SK knows he and KT are close. BG is threatening KT using his son. KT warns BG to not say anything to his son or he will reveal everything. BG laughs and asked why he is mad and asks whats the point of the peace forum. JS is coming out on the wheelchair as the crowd applauds. But stopped halfway as she saw BG. She's in shocked. Everyone wonders what happens. The QD is worried. KT remembers what BG said. The reporters are taking photos of JS shocked face. JS cannot hear anything. SK walks out and he saw BB walked past him and went inside. He turned around. JS gathers her courage and continue but saw BB. BB is now standing facing JS. JS is shocked looking at BB as she puts a piece of chocolate in her mouth. JS turned around and is leaving but the wheelchair suddenly stops and she falls on the stage. All reporters are taking photos. BG is taking photo of the fallen princess with his ipad. BB left. SK stops her and asks her to come with him. She walks away but he stopped her. JH got a phone call about JS' situation. One of the royal officer is talking to JH and upset/worried that they will go against USA. JH assures him that USA is on good terms with Korea. HA comes to check on JH. Asking why he is wearing a ring. He said it's passed down in family. They arguing about picking the ball. They wonder where the SNSD officer is. He is in the bathroom trying to calm himself. Officers from other countries are talking badly about NK and SK saying how two countries are separated. The officer is angry and slammed the door open. The other country's officer says let's get along (sorta mocking) and SNSD officer raised his hand against them which caused HA to scolds him. She asked if he is crazy and if he isn't gonna apologize to them and tell him to get out. JS tries to calm her down and she left the room angrily. SK and NK leaders are talking to WOC people trying to soften the situation but doesn't seem to work. JH and the SNSD officer are talking alone. JH said HA is stressed about the WOC and is pressured because their first match will be the strong USA. JH asked if he feels bad because the captain is a girl. JH said if he doesn't want to do it then it's ok, he will do it. The officer said no JH is a king. JH said if we cant handle this properly then HA and he can never be together. USA and Korean team are lining up facing each other. The USA representatives asks if JH will offers apology as King captain. JH is about to offer his apology then the SNSD officer walks in and bow his head apologize. He said he did something he shouldn't have so just one time, the last time please forgive him. The US representative says what we want is the King….Then the US officers say it's their fault as well and apologize by bowing as well. The US captain said let's get along and do your best, your wife as well while shaking JH's hand. SK is interrogating BB. He asks what is the chocolate on the table she is eating and asks if it's drug. BB said why don't we check and put it in her mouth and has this face as if she is in ecstasy. She presses the recorder and asks how old he is. He reaches out his hand to stop the recorder but BB grabs his hand. BB asks him if he ever kills anyone and that there are many ways to kill people. SK remembers JS' traumatized face. BB said she is an artist so treat her with care. SK reports to QD saying he has to check something so he needs to talk to JS. QD opposed but JS came out and said it's ok and invites him to her room. She said she's fine now after taking the medicine and tells him not to worry about it. SK tells her that he arrested someone and she's from club M. He asks if she can check the face since BB came to Korea around the time when the king died. JS said she can't remember but still looked shocked and looked away when SK shows BB's photo. KT asks if SK really arrests someone from club M. SK asked KT don't you know what they are aiming at. Club M killed the King why are pretending not to know, what are you scared of. SK showed him a card NET ZERO something and said JH gave it to him as special permission from the king to do the investigation so he will keep doing it BG is taking a bath and talking to the secretary guy. They talk about how JS who is probably in shame now. Sect guy wonder if USA will help them but BG is confident that he can settle everything using his money HA and JH are standing on a ship. They have to do a mission on an uninhabited island. They have to find the key in time. They lost 10 points because of the incident penalty. They're all getting ready and left the ship. NK are doing the shout to get the spirit up while Sk officers just watch. JH suggest they should decide on one shout. US team saw them and say good luck and left. SK are looking at BB's profile with her killing history. Someone informs KT that club M is doing a press conference. Sec guy is demanding the release of BB since it's no evidence that she happens to come to Korea when the late King died. KT demands SK to apologize to club M. KT bows and apologize to BG. KT takes BB to BG. BB asks KT if he sleeps with the princess. She whispers to him saying that night JS was trembling and keeps saying please save her. BG is enjoying the scene and even has a hidden camera recording. SK holds his fist in anger but calmly requests that BG bring a sane person next time coming to the palace. BB is enraged and was dragged out while screaming. BG is interested and asked SK for his name. He put his arm around SK's shoulder and says that Sk is smart. He said why does he follow JH, he is bastard. SK says BG should mind his manner when talking about Korean King. SG says JH is powerless and SK should come to him and he will give him what he wants. SK refuses. The sect guy reports to him SK's name; BG remembers what JH said about people he can believe in JH and others are discussing their tactics. It seems to be difficult task. THe US team is moving fast. JH and HA are disagreeing about some matters. They say US has better weapon. Other officers just keep quite while the 2 quarreling. It seems HA doesn't agree to JH's method because it's dishonest. JH holds her hand and says I have to marry you, can't you see we're in a difficult situation? HA says sorry but I can't marry like that. I want a guy I can respect so we have to win fair and square. JH is disappointed. Says respect? Am i that disgusting? US team is surrounding the the house where the team is inside. Looks like the mission is to get the other team's keychain. The US team installs a camera on the window to monitor the inside of Korean team. They do rock paper scissors to decide who will carry the key and the NK youngest officer lost and has to carry the key. The team goes out and get on a special 4wheel car. HA and JH left. Only the youngest officer is inside with the guy from SK. He notices US team moving in and got scared. One US guy came in and open fires. The SK officer is still in the bathroom. The NK officer is cornered by 2 US soilders. He took out the key and swallows it. The US guy is about to fire. The next moment HA and JH and the rest are back but looks like the NK officer was taken away. HA's dad is talking to other guy thinking they're gonna to lose. NK guy is being held captive. There's a woman in the US team. They plan to make him shit to get the key out of his stomach. They say asian is different so they can't know for sure. One guy takes out a knife. NK guys freaks out. They open a medicine pad and applies it on the guy's stomach. HA discovers the camera installed on the window. The telephone rings. JH picks and it's the US team saying they should give up. They will take out the key in 3 hours and the Korean team already lost and hung up. The US team seems to get the key out. They're moving to the beach but stopped when they see no boat which is supposed to be here. HA and one of the guy got the boat engine. US team went to the Korean team's place and went in but there's no one. There's a sleeping bag and when they open it says welcome. Someone shoots and one guy driving the vehicle luring the guys away. The captain puts on his keychain around his neck and leaves with the team. One guy is left behind guarding. JH and gang is about to attack the place to rescue NK guy. Sk guy throws a lighter to cause attention. One guy walks outside to check. JH enters from the window. The 2 officers examine the lighter and put it in his pocket. JH successfully enters the room. He takes out the lightbulb and starts opening up a cell phone. The last line is JH saying in his mind just believe me and HA replies I'll believe you. END Preview More flashbacks of the time JS was abducted. The US team's shelter is exploded. SK cries. It seems they were able to rescue the NK officer.
@all: can't wait for next week. im hoping a miracle will happen and Korean team can win so we can see HA and JH get married but seeing the engagement spoiler photos I say victory is in our hands. The question is how??? What do you think will happen? @sapphire: good job to you too! I remade all your K2H cards for this ep kekeke
soula81 how are you?!! well done!!
common WOC.. fighting!!!
they r geting paranoid... everybody is tense.. whew!
Cool !
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