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Gaaaaaaadzzzz!!! Saw the teaser for the MV last night. Totally feeling this song...the vocals .....the classy look of the MV. The abs..... Kyungil...._(ʘ.ʘ)_ you're killing me....
Hehehe......don't judge me. Y'all were looking too <(‾︶‾)> I like History.....What am I To You got me with that Latin Pop kinda beat and I thought the choreography was hella smooth. Psycho had a funky almost Retro sounding beat...but the MV and lyrics and choreography.... they really embodied the concept which I loved. This is completely different too. I like their versatility and they're always putting out solid choreo and solid performances. So what did everyone think? Any new History fans out there?
Yeah there's a new History fan right here ^^
Oh I also love that goofy gif, that part of the movie is so funny XD I cannot get over how awesome this song is!!!
@MattK95 Awesome (•̀ᴗ•́)و I know it's really good! Lol I'm not sure ive ever seen the movie that this GIF comes from tbh....
@PassTheSuga it's from the goofy movie :)