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So this video is only available on Tidal right now (like Rihanna's American Oxygen) but luckily I caught it on Tumblr seconds before it was taken down. It will come out on YT eventually, but for those of you who can't wait, prepare to have some random cravings while watching the video.
Here's some of the things this video made me want to do:

Wear Ridiculous Clothes

Nicki and Bey are in an inflatable bool with pink fur coats on, what are they doing!?
Here's a little guide to dressing up like them and be sure to use as much color as possible.

Do My Eyebrows

The two of them have perfect eyebrows. Seriously. I love the dark, strong brow look and the two of them pulled it off soooo well. Now how do I get to that level haha

Eat a Burger

What the hell Beyonce. I'm usually only scrolling through Tumblr at the dead of night so when I discovered the video I had no access to good food. Thanks for making my stomach growl as I'm trying to fall asleep.
Grab yourselves a burger before watching this and save yourself the misery:

Have a Pool Party

Where was my invite Nicki?!! I would give anything for a free day lounging on inflatables and sipping on lemonade.

Do Some Squats

There is no way that Nicki got her body from sitting around eating burgers with Beyonce. She works hard for it, and here's how:

Walk Around in My Bathing Suit

They basically made me never want to wear pants again, but only if I had their legs.
I would want to do this list in this exact order hahaha "do my eyebrows, eat a burger"
Bey's wearing colored contacts! Her eyes look crazy in the best way possible. I think the light color even draws attention to those eyebrows.
This video was all kinds of ridiculous. They were wearing fur coats in a pool!!!!!