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"You understand, don't you?" he whispers as her back stiffens against his chest
Silent in a field they sit
Silent in a field they fear
She nods her head and swallows hard
To keep he hands from shaking
But when he reaches and turns her head to finally face him
She tumbles
and falls all over again.
Eyes meet, anxious glances trade places,
She opens her mouth
To speak
To say something, anything at all
But instead she drops her head
And takes a deep, shuddering breath
He puts his arms around her
She hides down inside of the embrace
And he mutters into her ear:
I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I love you
and I'm sorry...
I don't know why I'm sharing all these old pieces, but really, it's interesting to look back on them. I don't like the style--I see a lot of things I want to change, but I also see a different me. Someone I was; someone I can't understand anymore. This was written 6 years ago, and I can really feel that passage of time.
@hikaymm Well, I'm sure writing that style taught you something!
@timeturnerjones Mayyyybee it was a bit of an obsession for a while XD
You really liked using the space on the page, didn't you? @hikaymm