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It's beach season! For those of you planning to camp out at the beach this summer you know the importance of investing in a cute and sturdy beach bag to pack all your 'sunny' essentials and other knick knacks. It's easy to throw everything in a backpack and keep your hands free but you don't want to be reminded of school when you're enjoying your summer break. A designer bag is gorgeous and you'll probably steal the limelight at the beach but it's not worth getting that $$$ soiled by wet sand. Below are my top picks for beach bags that are functional, stylish and affordable.

Classic Straw Bag

This handcrafted beach bag is the one of the best one I've seen so far. The weave pattern is gorgeous and you can see two handles are quality made. You'll be certain it'll last for ages. The inner bag is an added bonus to keep things clean under unpredictable circumstances.
Where to get it: Mango ($59.99)

Stripe Straw Bag

This shopper features a nautical vibe with the navy and white pattern. There are two inner compartments to store phones and other items. My favorite part about this beach bag is the faux-leather handle detail. It looks timeless, sturdy and would match any outfit.
Where to get it: H&M ($14.95)

Printed Canvas Rope Tote

I can see myself using this for my Memorial Day outfit. In addition, the graphic, typography and rope handle detail makes this a perfect canvas bag for all summer. It's really "quite the catch"!
Where to get it: Modcloth ($39.99)
What's your favorite beach back to carry all your essentials? Share with me below!
I can't decide between the three but if I have to choose I'll go with the first one. I like the extra bag inside.
I don't think I can spend over $50 for a beach bag. It's too expensive to be sitting on top of sand. Anyways I love the stripe one. It looks great for the price and design!