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Incredible Story of a Man Who Loses 400lbs

700 days ago, Ronnie weighed 675lbs. Due to his obesity along with abuse of drugs and alcohol, Ronnie was out of work and unable to leave his own home, until finally his doctor told him he would be dead by 35 if he didn't make some kind of change.
He got to work with a trainer, and since he couldn't leave his home he started by using a hand bike.
By his second month, he moved on to lifting weights, getting stronger and stronger every day. He eventually made it out of the house and to a gym where he worked out on machines every single day. From his video diaries (below) you can see his outlook on life getting brighter and brighter!
By day 700 he was 400 pounds lighter and 1000x happier.
So what's his next goal?

Meet Taylor Swift!

Her music was a huge inspiration to him and kept him going through all the hard training. Now, he's going to see her on June 3! His friend made a video for him, trying to get Taylor's attention so please watch and share this if you feel like it :)
What an inspiration!
I'm so inspired thanks for sharing
Wow he is now my inspiration to lose weight. If he can do it we all can \^-^/ My respects to you Ronnie I hope you had an awesome time at Taylor Swift's concert
He literally got his life back, that's incredible!
I loved his attitude change when he finally was able to walk out of his own home. That must have felt amazing.
OMG that video had me tearing up! I hope he gets to meet Taylor haha
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