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The desire to cover my walls in mountains of flowers is growing stronger and stronger!! Beautiful flower installations have already inspired me to add more flower decorations to my house, but this takes that idea to an entirely different level.
This art installation is creating flower houses out of homes that have been long abandoned and worn down, and then will recycle as much of the house as possible as it is demolished to make way for a flower farm. How cool is that?!
The florist leading the project bought two houses last year (for about $500) in Detroit for this project. As a teaser, she filled the first one with flowers already to let people know what it might look like.
Here are some of the images from the first house. I can't imagine what the second one will look like!
Lisa (the creator) said she was inspired by these kind of art installations (above!!) and fashion campaigns...I am wowed. I want to go to Detroid in October just to see this completed project!!! You can help fund their donations (they already have all the flowers they need!) on their indiegogo page here.