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I have a love-hate relationship with summer. I personally love the sun and warm weather but my skin hates it. If you have sensitive skin you know what I'm talking about (a few hours outside will get your skin looking like a tomato). Improper care will only result in extreme redness and skin irritation. Which is why it's important to cover your skin with sunscreen to protect it from further damage. Below are additional tips to help fight skin inflammation.

Hold Off Exfoliating

Too much scrubbing is like sandpapering your face (and that's not a good feeling). This might cause abrasive redness and it'll stick around even after you've rinsed it away. Be gentle to your skin and don't go overboard with exfoliating. Too much of a good thing actually have counter effect.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

It's tempting to skip moisturizing if you have oily skin. However, this is one thing you don't want to skin in your skincare routine. Tight skin is never a good sign for inflamed skin. Over drying will cause more sebum and oil production so you need to moisturize and balance your skin's pH.

Alter Your Diet

Processed snacks, oily food, spicy food and certain carbohydrates are said to cause congested skin to flare up. Try to incorporate more fruits and leafy greens in your diet to balance out your internal system. It doesn't hurt to cut down on those fries!

Don't Stress

It's not as easy as it sounds when you're trying to meet deadlines and have so many other things to worry about. However, ongoing stress can actually lead to excess skin inflammation. Keep calm and your skin will reflect it as well.
Icing your skin in the morning also helps!
Moisturizing my face is always a challenge during summer. I hate the sticky residue feeling but it's a must. My skin starts feeling dull if I don't moisturize.
@maymay75 definitely!