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So you might already know about the totally weird phenomenon in Korea known as Meok-bang (먹방) or Food Room? Its just a a person who video tapes themselves eating and a ton of people tune in to watch. These people can make $1,000 a night eating for the camera!
Anyway, its now become sort of a joke to upload yourself eating something and calling it 먹방 (Eric Nam does it a lot on Instagram) but now Jin has taken it to a new level. This 1 minute clip has almost 40,000 views already and its literally just him eating. Bless his little hungry soul.
I'm now suddenly feeling very hungry..... ( ^ω^ )
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I don't know why, but I couldn't stop smiling through the whole video. He just looks so happy eating! \(^▽^)/ I love to eat too Jin, so it's all good.
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@StephanieDuong I know I did the same thing haha XD
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