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Foods That Can Cause Breakouts
You've probably heard it a million times that eating healthy can give you glowing healthy skin. For some of us, despite sticking with a healthy diet you skin can't seem to escape the dreaded breakout. If that's the case your skin might be triggered by the following food.


Dairy products especially milk is naturally full of hormones and this might be the cause of acne. Another interesting fact is low-fat and no-fat milk contains more sugar. Without the fats it's hard to break down certain vitamins for better absorption and could mess up your hormones leaving your skin in disarray.


Refined sugar is one major culprit that causes our insulin levels to spike. As a result, our skin starts to breakout. Which is why I stay away from milk chocolate and go for darker varieties.


I bet you didn't see this coming (I didn't either). Apparently, peanuts contain androgen (a hormone) which can increase sebum production. We all know that sebum and breakouts are besties. So if you thought potato chips give you breakout it's probably the peanut oil from the ingredient list.
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@BrittneyNicole maybe you should try a soy-based chocolate.
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ok thanks
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Not peanuts! I love peanut butter :(
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