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Graduating this spring? Here's what you need to know to look good in your graduation cap.

1. Keep your graduation cap secured.

I've seen people walking the stage with their caps falling off. To avoid this mess you make sure to secure your cap with bobby pins!

2. Wear the cap, don't let the cap wear you.

In order to look good in a cap you need to style it according to your hairstyle. If you have bangs, don't hide them under your cap because once you take off your cap you'll get an awkward crimp. Tip: position your cap so it doesn't look like it's falling off.

3. Hairstyles to Try

(Scroll to your right for hairstyle inspiration)
Hair Tutorial:
Ditto with the bobby pin comment! It's a must to keep the grad cap on.
I think Kristen Stewart's fishtail braid would be perfect for an afternoon graduation ceremony. It keeps the hair off your face and you don't have to deal with a sweaty back.
Very useful! I'm graduating this June, so this is very helpful! Thanks @HairConfetti!
Tip #1 is super useful! I almost walked out the door without bobby pins on my graduation but my roommate reminded me. I'm so glad I pin it to place because I would of drop my cap walking down the stage.