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Tom N' Tom's is a Coffee shop franchise with branches all over Korea and now Asia.. According to them, "Tom N Toms (탐엔탐스커피) use 100% premium Arabica coffee beans roasted and grinded in Korea to ensure perfection for coffee lovers. The Café Americano, made by combining rich espresso and hot water, had a bitterer aftertaste that would linger around your tastebuds." FOOD: Personally, Their coffee has nothing special specially Korea has toonnnsss of coffee shops. I think their selling point is their food, PRETZELS especially. They serve them really fresh, straight from the oven. It's unbelievably delicious for a coffee shop food.. haha seriously, they should just open a bakeshop or something. It's both salty and sweet in perfect proportion.. A bit crunchy and soft at the same time! A must-try! SERVICE: For some reason, everytime I visit this coffee shop, the staff semms grumpy and sad^^; I have visited a couple of different branches (Seoul Station and Dehangno) but they just look so unhappy to me! AMBIANCE: Typical Coffee Shop experience.. Although their interior makes me think of a "brighter" Starbucks, if u know what I mean.. hehe Their furniture and display kinda replicate Starbucks but they have brighter lighting. PRICE: W3000-W7000, Pretzel sets: W4000-W8000
@shoenami My mom is very sad that I still enjoy cartoons as an adult. Hahahaha!
Owem! haha... Now i caN'T remove that scene out of my mind!! ^^;
It seems like a very cool place. It's good that Tom & Jerry don't own it, the place would be destroyed in no time. :D
hahahaha.. now I do too!^^;;
When I look at this, I keep seeing Tom & Jerry.