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Seorae is one of my favorite places to have Korean Barbecue! It's a franchise barbecue joint and has many branches all over the country. FOOD: They have varied kinds of pork barbecue even including pork skin and intestine! If you can't pick which one to have, you can always order the "Modeum" plate which has everything! I recommend their prok belly jar.. the meat was soaked in their special sauce inside a jar.. The sauce makes it really tasty and a bit different from the typical korean barbecue. It's pork belly so it's naturally tender. :) One thing that makes the barbecue in Seorae is that they use charcoal instead of the usual roasting pans that most barbecue houses use. The meat is char-grilled so it makes it all the more delicious. They also offer side dishes like Iced noodles and bean soup. SERVICE: Seorae I guess is really popular and at dinner time, you need to wait for a while to get a table. The staff is helpful and they change the burnt grill even without you asking. PRICE: W14,000/500-600g (good enough for two people)
You must.. ^^.. lemme know when u have
Sounds great! I should try.
hi @torn745 .. it's a franchise so u can find it practically anywhere in Seoul.. My favorite branch is near Hoegi Station Line 1, exit 1, beside Daiso.. :D
hey shoenami, where can i find this place??