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OK so summer is coming up and that's when we usually get lazy. Working out can be boring...if you don't have a awesome playlist!! Here are some songs I chose that will pump you up no matter what kind of workout you do! Thanks to @MattK95 for tagging me and thank you to everyone else reading this.
1. SHINee Alive Everybody Sherlock Why so serious Dream Girl (Your welcome for the sexy Jonghyun gif)
2. VIXX Rock your body Superhero Voodoo Doll Starlight Beautiful Killer
Mixed Groups (I got lazy) *BTOB* You're so fly Imagine *Block B* Her NalinA *Bts* No More Dream Danger
Sorry it was so short, but hope you enjoyed and stuff! Remember working out isn't too bad. you just have to have a good playlist Love all y'all stay happy!
Great playlist!! ( ´ ▽ ` )
Fantastic!!! I definitely need to try working out to some of these songs :D
Wow!!!! This playlist!!!!!!
woow energetic play list I will stole some songs from u to add to my daily play list.