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My bias list is... 1.Rap Monster (BTS) 2. Chayeol (EXO) 3.BamBam (GOT7) 4. Mark (GOT7) 5. Sehun (EXO) This is just a little bit Feel free to tell me who is on your bias list XD
Rap Monster is my favorite person ever he's sweet, kind, funny and not to mention he's a dance Monster hahahha I legit love him
Has the best voice ever and he's super adorable af and I just love him.
Bam Bam is just really funny and cute and he raps really fast lol
Mark damn that face tho lol plus he's talented he does cool tricks and what not great guy great guy
Sehun has a great attitude towards people and almost almost always has a smile on his face he's just absolutely perfect in my eyes
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chanyeol the cutest ever u agree with me@harmonico
3 years ago·Reply
My bias list is never ending.... But I have to say I strongly approve of Chanyeol and Rap Monster being on your bias list~~ ^^ lol
3 years ago·Reply
@jiggzy19 Yeah, Chanyeol!
3 years ago·Reply
@harmonico YAY!!!! *\(^o^)/* lol haha XD
3 years ago·Reply
Tao (EXO) Sehun (EXO) Jackson (GOT7) Mark (GOT7) Minho (SHINee) G-Dragon (BIG BANG) Feeldog (BIGSTAR)
3 years ago·Reply