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Do not stop exercising, even if it's winter!

was thinking of how I can work out a little this winter..yet at the back of mind felt the lethargy to do so and then i came across this article! 7 myths about exercising in winter 1) It's Too Cold Myth: It's too cold to go for a walk or ride a bike, so there's no way to exercise. Myth buster: Even if it's too cold outside for a bike ride or a walk in the park, you can still exercise. Try active-play video games with moderate to vigorous activity like Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis or Wii Fit Plus Obstacle Course to get your heart rate up. 2) There's Not Enough Daylight Myth: It's too dark outside in the mornings before work and evenings after work so unless I have a gym membership, I can't workout. Myth buster: If daylight is a problem, remember you can always make laps around a nearby mall or grocery store as they typically open early and close late. To get the most benefit during the day, exercise in the morning if possible as physical activity has been shown to enhance energy levels and promote a positive state of mind. Always avoid intense physical activity within three hours of bedtime, as it can make restful sleep difficult. 3) Bad Weather Prevents Exercise Myth: Weather is the biggest factor keeping people from winter exercise. Myth buster: According to a recent American Heart Association and Nintendo of America survey, more than half of respondents identified lack of time as one of the main obstacles preventing them from enjoying regular physical activity. Of those who almost never exercise, nearly 40 percent said that "exercise is not fun." Active-play video games can be a solution to both of these barriers. 4) I'm Too Busy Myth: I don't have 30 minutes a day to fit in recommended amount of physical activity, which means that I will never have a solid workout schedule. Myth buster: Research shows that the benefits of moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day may help reduce your risk factors for cardiovascular disease. If you don't have 30 consecutive minutes each day, try finding three 10 minute intervals. You can still get the same benefits in three 10 minute intervals that you would in a consecutive 30 minutes. 5) Stretching Doesn't Matter Myth: I don't have to warm up or stretch before working out in winter months. Myth buster: You should always warm up and stretch to prevent injuries regardless of the weather. Try strength training to limber up your body and prepare it before a workout. 6) I Won't Have Exercise Buddies Myth: My friends won't exercise with me in bad weather. Myth buster: Take advantage of the time with your family and friends by participating in active-play games when you can't fit in physical activity outside. You can find moderate to vigorous physical activities on Wii Fit Plus or Wii Sports Resorts. 7) Video Games Are Bad For You Myth: All video games are bad for your physical activity levels since you sit and remain still while playing. Myth buster: Active-play video games can be part of a realistic approach to fitness, providing incremental, achievable steps to reaching a healthy lifestyle. According to a recent American Heart Association and Nintendo of America survey, 58 percent of people who play active-play video games have begun a new real-life fitness activity like walking, tennis or jogging since they started playing the games. Source:
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