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Little Mix is another insanely talented pop group to come out of Britain's X-Factor (remember where One Direction was formed? Same show!) and these four girls just released their best single yet.
I fell in love with this group the second I heard their single 'Move' which is still one of my favorite pop songs out there (I attached the music video below)
The four ladies all have incredibly strong voices and will literally blow you away with their live performances. I can't wait for them to take over America since they are already practically pop royalty in the UK.
Show these girls some love!!!!

Little Mix - Black Magic

I knew this would be a hit from the very first note - I can't wait to hear this everywhere! It is SUCH a jam!

Little Mix - Move

In case you need a new girl-power anthem, here it is!
@beywatch the blonde member I believe!
I really wasn't into their debut track but now I can't stop playing it, but you're right - black magic is their best one so far!
Oh - she's cute! I like her Mickey skirt.
@kristenadams Which one is with Zayn?
I'd heard OF them before, but I hadn't actually heard them. The video for "Move" is so rad.
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