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Again, Again

Me and You. Balance two on the edge of our pains. Reminded of our sins again and again, but I would rather hold your hand at the edge of a cliff, than to feel the pain of hiding within my thoughts ever again. So let our love be balanced with sins, so that we may kneel before God and ask for forgiveness again and again. I look into your eyes and I escape to the world you're living in. Can we begin at the end again? The part where my love was stripped from my heart and placed into your hands again, let me look at your hands again and see everything you are juggling woman this is illegal you are smuggling me into places I should be, places that I shouldn't see, but yet the most amazing thing is that when I look at all the pain in you, I see all that hurts in me. Me and You. Balance two on the edge of insanity. Reminded of our sins again and again as I love you in a new way each day religiously, not paying attention to the situation we are living in. Let's start at the end again the part when I hold you in my arms, Love you as my Wife, and laugh and joke with you as my friend. The water is boiling I will make the tea, you get the lemons. AB
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"Can we begin at the end again?" I love this! Also, the last line is great. You get the lemons~
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