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The endless debate continues: manicotti or stuffed shells?
The difference seems nearly non-existent - it's just a matter of pasta shape for heaven's sakes - but there are some people (like my husband) who stand firmly on one side of the line. And that side is, of course, the manicotti side.
Find my all-time favorite manicotti recipe right here!
Manicotti noodles are long and cylindrical - think more like tubes than shells.
Stuffed shells are obviously more of a shell shape which makes them, in my opinion, perfect for overflowing with ricotta cheese and basil.
My stance is in the middle, with a slight preference for shells, but as long as there is a lot of ricotta I couldn't care less!

Make your own and decide for yourself:


Stuffed Shells:

Manicotti for sure!
This one's a toughie, but I'd have to go with manicotti. It's like eating a savory Italian crepe!
I don't care which, but these pictures have me drooling!
Ahhhh this isn't fair! I love them both but I feel like stuffed shells are so much easier to find.