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Inspired by @maymay75's pin-up look for everday and I wanted to share a vintage classic look I like to use for after-work happy hour. This makeup takes a twist on the classic cat eye by layering a blue liner over the bold black.

Makeup Tip

For the eyes:
Use a jet black eyeliner draw a cat eye. Then layer a blue liquid liner on top of the first line.
For the cheeks:
You want to create the effect of high cheekbones. Use your bronzer or shade color to contour cheeks, shades your temples, apply blush and add highlights.
For the lips:
Apply a blood red lipstick.
Need help with achieving the perfect pout? Refer to this card.

Hairstyles that goes well with vintage beauty:

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The makeup is gorgeous and so is the vintage hairstyle!.
3 years ago·Reply
I love bold eye makeups. I would suggest using purple eyeliner in replacement for blue if you have brown eyes.
3 years ago·Reply
Other than the cat eye I'm in love with her brows. It's perfectly angled and shaded.
3 years ago·Reply
How do I get the first hairstyle?
3 years ago·Reply