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Celebs like Hilary Duff and Katy Perry has been making fashion statement with purple hair lately. Other street fashion trendsetters are also rocking this hair color. If you're ready to try this beauty trend follow the instructions below to get a purple dye. Don't be afraid to go bold because it won't be permanent.
You'll be using pastel for this hair experiment! Choose the correct shade of purple according to what suits your face. You can use multiple shade for an ombre effect.
Take 1 inch section of hair and spray with water. Then color your hair with pastel. Using the curling or flat iron, go over each colored strand to seal the color. That's it! Feel free to try it with different colors!

Other Temporarily Hair Dye Methods:

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How do you do the hair style in the picture or at least what's it called?
in the pic with the braid she might have a darker purple underneath and they pulled it up through
@MadisonCooper The first hairstyle is called waterfall braid.
Do you use hair pastels or can you just use pastel colours? x
what sort of pastel do you use? is it an art tool, a thing specifically made for hair,...?