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First of all I apologies for including Tao in this
but its only because if he is taking a break or decides to leave Exo I will support him regardless
kris , luhan and tao
tao still not sure it has been a hard journey for them as well
wherever those 3 boys are
I know exo is still a part of them I totally understand their decisions I really don't get the deal of them being forced to be a part of a contract for 7-11 years and there is no way this is right and fair this should be illegal in first place no contract should be this long in first place all these companies with these regulations I don't agree with at all. And If some members are raising their voice against it we should only support them they are only fighting for whats right. I support kris, Luhan and tao
However this is my opinion regarding the article
SM Entertainment Announces New Lawsuits As Their Legal Battle With Kris And Luhan Reaches Compulsory Mediation And Settlement
Sm is going way 2 far
just what I think
oh please give these boys a damn break