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FreePeople, the sister brand of Anthropologie just launched their first-ever bridal collection and it's everything you expect it to be - boho and chic. Their bridal collection is based on a country-side and seaside theme, so if you need some ideas for your upcoming summer wedding steal from FP!

Rule #1: Embroidered Lace Gown

Nothing is more dreamy and magical than wearing a lace gown under the sun. The silhouette of these pieces also goes along well with the breeze.
Bridal Gowns
Photo 1: (left) Willow Maxi, (right) Lola Set
Photo 2: (left) Casablanca Lace Halter Gown, (right) Lillian Gown

Rule #2: Platform Shoes

It's all about being comfortable, so leave your high heels at home and embrace your flats and converse.

Rule #3: Crown Your Hair

Floral crowns or metallic headpiece can make your entire style more country and rustic. You can even have low maintenance hair and it'll instantly complete your look - giving it a wow factor.

Rule #4: Braids, Baby Braids

Whether you want your hair down or up, braids instantly add some texture to your coiffure.
What do you think about FP's bridal collection?
The dresses are gorgeous but FP tend to have pieces that are too overpriced. If you purchase a white maxi dress and customize it you'll get the same effect elegant style (or even better).
FreePeople never fail to make a simple piece so stylish. The creative director behind this photoshoot is a genius. All the hairstyles are screaming summer perfection.
Almost every boho-chic/vintage brand is starting a bridal collection. I guess they're expanding their reach.
I'm impressed with free people. how far they've come