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Update: this man is a much bigger person than I could ever be. I posted before about the dad who took a selfie and then had his name slandered on the internet as a mom accused him of taking pervy pictures of her children. She decided to tell the internet about it without any proof--her post went viral and his name was thrown under the bus.
Anyways, she contacted him now that the truth of the situation has been revealed, wanting to apologize directly. He said he's not going to press charges and will let the situation go.
This is definitely a lesson to parents everywhere. She was just being protective of her children, however she should have went through the proper channels instead of Facebook and almost ruining this guys life. She should have confronted him first and/or went to the authorities, also she should not have let her children wander. All it takes is a couple minutes, and her children could've been kidnapped.
I see a lot of people complaining that he isn't pressing charges, but I'm glad to know he is not pressing charges and being the bigger man to hopefully educate people on this tactic. Suing her isn't going to do anything, really, and in my opinion is something people resort to far too often.
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People need to calm down, and see all sides. Like @orenshani7 has suggested, we need to get better at finding the full stories...
There are a few stories like this going around lately. I can't stand the knee jerk reactions these people have. They don't consider for a second that they could ruin someone's life.
You're right, he's DEFINITELY a bigger person than I am too! I don't know how I could forgive someone for humiliating me like that. Good for her being a protective mama but wow.