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What kind of businesses do the family members of idols run?
The December 5th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘enews‘ visited the various businesses run by the family members of idols. The vacation house of G-Dragon‘s parents was visited, where his father stated, “We conferred with Jiyong for the wallpaper and other decorations. It took us almost a year and 3 months to construct this. It took us about 1 billion KRW ($922,000 USD) for all the construction costs. We’re always thankful and both my wife and I are happy.” G-Dragon’s parents are set to use this home as a pension hotel where guests will be able to visit and lodge with rates beginning at $230 USD a night. The mothers of Leeteuk, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun run a coffee shop together in Apgujeong named Kona Beans. Eunhyuk‘s mother also runs a Tous Les Jours bakery in Guro-gu, and Yesung‘s brother manages the Mouse Rabbit cafe. Kyuhyun’s father runs 3 education academies in Taiwan with an enrollment of 1,800 students. Nicole‘s mother runs a restaurant named Red Kitchen near Gangnam, and Kim Hyun Joong‘s mother also runs a chicken restaurant named Jaksal in Ilsan.
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i want to stay in GD's pension...looks so good...the price too LOL
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