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Because they have been seeing a lot of posts about people who have low confidence being too nervous to cosplay this or that, Cosplay Cents put up an AWESOME post about how to be confident while cosplaying!!
Things they've heard a lot of:
“I’m not that good at cosplay”
“What if other people think my cosplay isn’t very good?”
“I want to cosplay as a certain character but I’m afraid people won’t know who I am/ will judge my choice”
“I’m afraid I’m the wrong gender/race/size/age for a certain cosplay”
“My friends/parents don’t approve of my cosplaying”
“People are leaving mean comments on my Instagram/Facebook/etc…”
“I’m still worried about the haters…”
Their point (you can see their advice here!!) is that even though these are totally valid fears and concerns you shouldn't let them get to you! There's a way around them, and there's a way to be strong and cosplay anyways.
How do you guys get over these concerns?
I love this c: it helps, honestly. I'm always put off from cosplaying the cutest anime girls,(like the happy female main character from steins;Gate, I always forget her name!) 'cause the anime world is either dominated by little flat chested loli's with long hair or long tall slender girls with a whole lot more curve than is physiologically normal. I'm a bit of both, which is a weird combination for cosplay. short, little stumpy, curly short hair, and curvy with glasses. so thanks c:
@amog32 That's a godo way to do it!! For yourself, not for others!
I don't cosplay much, but when I do I simply focus on pleasing myself and my friends, not others. I also don't post my photos on social media sites, because I'm not cosplaying for attention or to gather rude comments online.