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This debate has gone on for as long as books have been made into movies, and it will likely go on for the years the come since the popularity of turning books into movies is at a record high!

I want to ask: what do you prefer, books or movie versions? Let me know in the comment section :)

Or, like me, do you change your mind depending on the story that is being told, how it's being directed, and more? I absolutely love some adaptations, but hate others. Sometimes, I love them both, but as totally different series (this is honestly how I feel about Harry Potter!)
I've made a habit of looking into the different versions of the same story, and made quite a few cards comparing book and movie versions.
Explore these cards to find a new movie to watch or book to read!
...and that's just the cards I've managed to write! I plan to keep adding more to this collection as they come out, so follow the collection here if you want to see more!
If there are any book-to-movie adaptations that you loved, or hated, or were wondering if they were worth the time, let me know the name in the comments and I'll add it to my watch/read list :)
@DawanaMason I pretty much always love the books (if I like the story, that is) but there have been some books that I absolutely hated because of the way the story was painted, but I loved the movie versions! I think there are merits in both :)
Forrealz. He could talk like that now and I would swoon.
I loved Harry Potter too until they got out of hand with the sequels. Seems like they ran out of material or they changed to writers who didn't have a clue. The sequels became repetitive and boring.
In my experience, the book is usually better because movies have a tendency of constantly leaving stuff out. Case in point 馃憠 Hunger Games, Beautiful Creatures, Eragon, The Mortal Instruments, etc. I'm only able to fall in love with the movies, or TV shows, if I've never read the book. cip 馃憠 Ella Enchanted, Clueless (never knew.. based on a book. & Pride and Prejudice?!), Prada to Nada, Warm Bodies, The Sisterhood series, Princess Diaries , Divergent, LotR, etc. TV series like Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, Witches of Eastwick (should Not have been cancelled!), etc.
Honestly it depends on the movie/book. I will say I preferred the The Princess Bride movie over the book. Harry Potter - I love both. I read Ella Enchanted a long time ago and remember liking it but I love the movie - I've seen it so many times I can practically recite it from memory. of course there are totally different book to movie varations like What to Expect When You're Expecting - going from nonfiction to fiction and honestly only title based similarity and you actually see the book in the movie
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