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Meet Gabriela Ibarra. She makes amazing flower art work, and I want to own ALL of it!!
These “embellished linoleum prints” by artist Gabriela Ibarra are more than stunning, and they're just the start of her amazing work!!
The artist talked to The Jealous Curator about her work, and shared how she made these really beautiful, colorful pieces:
"Gabriela told me that for each piece in the series she starts with layers of collaged tissue paper, then arranges the lino-print flowers individually, and finally she paints & draws on top of the botanical layers below."
(I really thought I was done posting about flowers after my last post, but it seems I'm meant to be awed by flower-related art for the rest of my life!!!)
Gabriela works with flowers a lot, and I can't help but think her work would make beautiful tattoos, particularly if they had a pop of color in the same way her work does--maybe just a few flowers in the style she works in!
These ones are mixed medium, and still so beautiful! And actually not very expensive at all