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Finally, a new CL song! It's a collab with Diplo (and lots of other people but I won't be naming them all..) and here's a 30 second teaser!! The beat is sick and my queen slays once again ♡-♡
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Awesome....but interesting! Gee I missed her voice! <3
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@jiggzy19 yes!!! Me too ^^
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@MattK95 she wrote the song after getting pissed that Diplo cancelled a session on her.....she happened to be drinking a can of Dr. Pepper Lol. She says she wrote the song as quickly as possible so she could go home which explains the nonsensical nature of it Lol.
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@PassTheSuga XD well I look forward to hearing the whole thing, I mean honestly it's CL she could sing about dust mites, and I'd probably still love it
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