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Excuse me while I take some beauty lessons from the most badass music video from Taylor. I seriously had to replay "Bad Blood" couple of times to try and fully grasp everything that was going on. It took me a while to name figure out which actress/model/celebrity played which role. Despite all the craziness in this four minutes video I was able to latch on some beauty tips from these tough girls. Let's get down to it!

1. There's always time for a lipstick retouch.

Even if you're in the middle of some serious business.

2. Cat eye can kill.

If you're looking for a fierce eye makeup this is the one.

3. Bring it on with side braids.

Woman always have two faces - soft and tough. Don't be on the bad list.

4. High ponytails are made for whipping.

Don't ever mess with a woman with long hair.

5. The right accessory can transform your look.

Pigtails may be girly but not if you wrap them with black ribbon and pair them with an all-black attire.

6. Beach waves can be sexy and dangerous.

Just take a look at Taylor.
Have you watched the video? Which character or style is your favorite?
My impressions of side braids totally altered after reading this. haha.
I loved Dilemma, the one played by Serayah from Empire. Her hair/makeup was incredible!
I feel like this music video should be called "how to be a fierce girl"
Homeslice reminds me of the female "Kill Bill"