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Alchon was originally a very very small food house near Hanyang University. It was really small and located somewhere at a hard-to-find market. I remember the first time my hubby tried to take me there. His friend took him there and one time and he was excited to let me try it. But we literally could not locate it and opted to eat at a barbecue place instead..haha Anyway, fast forward, I was really surprised to suddenly find a branch in Hankuk Univ of Foreign Studies (HUFS) area. Maybe the original owner sold the rights or something. Now it's operated like a very fastfoody place and very different from its original! From the shabby, market food place to a hip dining place for students. FOOD: From the Korean name"Al" which means roe, and "Chon" which means place, Alchon serves Flying Fish Roe mixed rice.. Their original flavor has 4 different types (Not Spicy, Spicy, Very Spicy, Extremely Spicy) as categorized by the cute Alchon icon..haha they also have other flavors, Curry and Jajang (Dark Bean Sauce).. They serve one other menu which has squid instead of roe. I have tried everything!! haha My recommendation is their original flavor of course! It has this distinct that only Alchon has. I don't really know what it is coz upon inspection, it just has roe, rice, lettuce, fried egg and the "magic sauce" that has some meat on it. SERVICE: In HUFS branch, the workers are young and very friendly. The food also come almost immediately. They also have fish cake and pickles that you can have as much as you want. They also accept take-out orders. The food is put into a very convenient rice box you can eat directly from. Spoon is provided as well.. :) PRICE: W3500 one serving LOCATION: Hankuk Univ of Foreign Studies Station, exit 1 Also: Hanyang Univ/ Wangsimni, Korea Univ