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I made this card as a tribute to DBSK/TVXQ Boys
I have all included all my favorite live Performances from DBSK
1) DBSK (Why we fall in love) Live
2)DBSK (Love in the Ice) Live Eng sub
3)DBSK (My Addiction) includes live performance of each member , live performance of Dbsk Hit track Wrong Number and a live Performance of Dbsk top hittracks Mirotic
4)Dbsk Live Dance performance on one of the Hit track Purple Line
5)Dbsk (Bolero) Live Performance)
6)Dbsk (Stand By you) Live
7)Dbsk(Proud) Live Eng Sub a touching song for all Dbsk fans
I personally think Dbsk/ Tvxq was the best Kpop band ever
I definitely miss them all sooo much
all five members singing together
they were all just perfect
the high vocals
the superb , powerpacked dance
all five of them in stage was like fire every time
just like a miracle I definitely miss them all together
this card is just like living another memory of Dbsk five members together on stage with all their fans
I really wish I could see them all together one day on stage
With that being said I completely love the duo and JYJ is one of my top kpop bands
just these five members together were some precious moments
Lets see them all together once again
Do enjoy Everyone
All Dbsk best ballads
and Dance hittracks
just in my opinion
I just missed their times together
Love Dbsk/TVXQ
U know Yunho
Micky Yoochun
Hero (Jaejong)
Xiah (Junsu)
Love all these boys <3 <3
to them all
All pics and videos credit to its actual owners.
They really were one of the best kpop groups... I miss them so much! (╯︵╰,)
@Ambie and @StephanieDuong thankyou yes they were the bestt really miss them all sooo muchhh ......
They are the best of the best :-) Miss all five of them!!