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Kylie Jenner's "All Natural" After Shot
In typical rolodex fashion, the latest not-quite-legal teen has managed to pull off some mammary magic! "Puberty" is to blame for Kylie Jenner's significant lift in thread-bare t-shirts.
This is her before shot--taken less than a year ago!
So, what's the deal here? At least Lilo was honest enough to own up to her implants, though begrudgingly (and after a few sloppy lies).
According to momager, Kris--who's elevated herself to the likes of first-name-only stars, Cher and Madonna--Kylie is all natural and simply enjoying being a teenager. Um...does that include a well talked about, but never sourced, rumor that Kylie has ALREADY performed in XXX work for Vivid Entertainment?!
Not really caring but with how she's acting in her pic where making herself out to be a tramp.
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I feel bad for her
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I don't she's doing it to herself.
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The length of those nails are a little scary. If I were a guy, I wouldn't want those talons anywhere near me!
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