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Which decades bathing suits are your favorite?

I'm going to have to say I love the 1980s one the best, but the 1930s look she shows is awesome, too! I do wonder where swimsuits will go after this--we've kind of already done everything I can think of, but I know some designers are going to want to come up with something new and different.
I was originally going to post this video from Buzzfeed, but they skipped the 1980s (which is my fave!) and didn't include anything earlier than the 1930s so that's kind of lame hahaha!! Anyways, you can see some more examples of different swimsuits in it, but I think the first video is more accurate, and I don't really think people where "anything from any decade" these days, it's definitely a certain style just influenced by the past!
@maymay75 I know! it's like to find one you have to go to specialty stores or order online, which sucks!
In my opinion, the one piece bathing suit looks best! I only wish they have more one-piece available in stores.