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My answer is pretty much always, "no," but I think I might finally be ready for a change in the romance part of my life.
If you can agree with these 10 statements about the person you've been seeing-and-considering-dating, then you're ready to commit to a real, solid relationship that's sure to last!!

10 Ways to Know If You're Ready...

1. You feel comfortable revealing yourself to another, which means that you’re ready to further discover who you are!
2. You want the person you're dating to feel safe and non-judged when with you, aka you want to take in someone who is ready to be open to you!
3. You don't think you NEED a relationship, but you're ready to be in on. You know a relationship won't fix all your problems, but will be a positive addition to your life.
4. You know how to follow your heart, but also how to be practical. You don't blindly follow heart or head anymore.
5. You know exactly what state your relationship is in, and you are ready to listen to your partner when making any changes to that!
6. You aren't afraid to be the real, genuine you in front of them.
7. You no longer hold onto the mistakes of former lovers, relationships, and heartbreak as part of your current relationship.
8. You know how to talk to each other openly, and you make time for each other. You don't have be together 24/7 but you know when you need to see each other.
9. You allow each other space to continue the things that make you each unique. You want mutual growth, not that you can only exist when together.
10. You know that can’t change anyone else but yourself. And sincerely, why would you even want to?
@GWeeN Hmmm....that's so hard :( Does he seem to be enjoying it, or is it possible he thinks you were better as friends as well?
@GWeeN Sorry I didn't see this comment till now!!!! Which reason makes you think you're not ready?
@GWeeN I guess it would depend on which of these you think you're not ready for? Like I wouldn't just assume its time to break up but maybe try to figure out why you aren't ready in that sense and then work on fixing it. I don't think you need to break up!!
actually he gets crazy sometimes always bugging me if I really love him or something. .and before we dated I turned him down many times asking that being friends is better.. he would say "ok" then after 2weeks and started again. so now I dont think he wants us to be just friends ..
and I dont feel like its working out.. I mean we are totally fine not communicating but no third parties and I think our relationship before (as friends ) is better. the only problem is I don't wanna hurt him.. dunno what I should do TT^TT
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