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I get the feeling that not everyone is going to like this, still I'm just going to focus on the fact that I now feel like drinking a Dr. Pepper, or any other kind of canned soft drink XD good job CL, I can't wait for her Album :D
The beat will not be denied but it's a miss for me..... ( ¯(∞)¯ ) just being real here.
Interesting......not sure what I think about the song yet....hmmm Lols it's so strange listening to a song in English haha! XD
@MattK95 well cancelling sessions on her....not cool. I really dunno what to expect from Diplo....CL will rock out whatever he gives her but I'd rather it reflect her, u know? Like the music should personify CL. Because this album is going to introduce her to the American market. Its kind of a big deal for her....Diplo, I'm talkin' to you bro -_- Do right by our girl.
@PassTheSuga yeah I heard that, I mean I like Diplo, but if this is the kind of direction he wants her Album to take, I'd rather CL just write it on her own, after 2NE1's latest album we all know she is more than capable of writing really good stuff
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