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Always try to follow the natural shape of the brows. Before doing any plucking, secure the place with some ice application, because of the pain. Then dry out the area from the water, created by the melting ice and contour the shape of the brow with a brow pencil. And then you can pluck the unwanted hairs from below the brow. It’s rarely needed to remove any colors from above the brow, but if so, do it carefully not to over-pluck the hairs. Once the plucking is done you have to fill in the brow. Use the brow pencil, or flat brush to will them in. I like to use the trick with the clean mascara brush. Just comb the brows with the clean mascara wand after the application of the color. That trick will remove any excess material and the brows will look more natural. The last step requires a concealer or some other kind of highlighter. You will need to highlight the brow bone in order to make the brow pop out more and to look more precisely drawn. Done! Have fun and enjoy your gorgeous eyebrows.
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