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This photo shows the Turtle Painting Glowing In The Dark in a dark area.
This photo shows the same turtle painting but in normal light conditions.

Glow Paints Explained

The Paint used to paint these paintings contains Glow In The Dark Powders.
Glow powders absorb light energy so a clear medium must be used because this lets light in for the pigment particles to absorb light.
When in darkness the pigments discharge (Glow) this is sometimes referred to as an after glow effect.
The larger the Glow Powder particle size the better the glow effect. having large partials of powder in paint can make them hard to work with but its amazing what projects people have made using glow powders.
Tip: Its important to think about the lighting conditions of an area before starting a project.
Learn the diffrance between: fluorescence and Photoluminescence
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thank u for d link...but my name is tannya...not tennya
Trevor....actually I paint background for quotes so cn u suggest sum ideas ?
I wuld seriously like to appreciate his work... :)
@tannya thanks. The guy who painted these has been using glow paints for a long time. Trevor is a nice guy and likes talking about his projects and ideas.
very (innovative+creative) work... :-)
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