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never summer longboards

how are they
Neversummer make a real nice board. They bring construction technology over from snowboarding into longboarding with the P-Tech nose and tail inserts to protect from chipping. And most of there boards have a Carbonium base on the bottom, my superfreak and Avalanche have it. The shape is top notch as well
@brandontremmel has a never summer clutch 2013, I think, with some independent suspension trucks. I want one :)
Quality construction, premium materials like the carbonium base and the P-tech tails, a full spectrum of boards available, double-kicks with W concave, the springy heist, the directional superfreak, I want one, but they're very expensive. I think its a brand where you get what you pay for though. All of the different materials justify the price
I have the clutch, the best deck I've ever ridden on by a lot. it's my heart and soul. anything but cheap. mine has lasted me and it is still in great condition. highly recommended
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